TLook at My Striped Shirthe Phat Phree

OMG! IT’S PEOPLE! THAT YOU HATE! This book is a collection of modern soliloquies rendered in the style of some of the most irritating and despicable people we have the misfortune to run into. Charming people like:

I Just Made Some Statements that I Can’t Back

Snoop- What Your Stuff Says About YouDr. Sam Gosling

Gosling presents a quick and dirty overview of his snooping research. Learn how to tell how introverted, neurotic, conscientious, agreeable or narcissistic your friends, family and coworkers are. What is a messy desk the sign of? What message is a coworker sending when their family photos face …

American Nerd- The Story of My PeopleBenjamin Nugent

In American Nerd, Nugent takes a look at “his” people – nerds of many colors. While I do agree with my friend Meg’s assessment that Nugent does tend to portray his experience being a nerd as the definitive definition (with little or no reference to female nerds) …

Money Changes EverythingEdited by Jenny Offill and Elissa Shappell

Offill and Shappell edited another book I started a few years ago, The Friend Who Got Away, a collection of stories by women who had “broken up” with a best friend and which I found too depressing to finish. Money Changes Everything