John Kenney

There’s is something about the word “poem” that makes the average American recoil. Add “love” on there, and we’re rolling our eyes and getting out the barf bags. But wait! You haven’t read Kenney’s magnificent, hilarious, and deadly-accurate collection of poems. This is not the book you get …

Caitlin Doughty

Mortician and author Doughty takes questions about children and turns them into educational comedy gold. She tackles a host of disgusting, weird and fascinating death-related topics in a practical, and hilarious, manner. From “Can We Give Grandma a Viking Funeral?” to “We Eat Chickens, Why Not Dead People?” …

John Waters

The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder

Water’s new memoir starts out with a tongue-in-cheek scree at his notoriety and fame:

Suddenly the worst thing that can happen to a creative person has happened to me. I am accepted. How can I “struggle” when my onetime underground movies

Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne

The Princess Bride meets Harvard Lampoon’s Bored of the Rings.

Popular fantasy authors Dawson and Hearne gleefully take a whack at every fairy tale trope in the (standard) book. After being informed by the pixie Staph that he is the The Chosen One, Worstely, …

Edgar Cantero

Scooby-doo meets H.P. Lovecraft. What’s not to love? Cantero’s hilarious novel blends the cheesiness of Saturday morning cartoons with creepy, supernatural beasts from the depths of the earth. Years after the Blyton Summer Detective Club solves its last case, the gang decides to reform and revisit the case. …

Clothes We Can’t Believe We Bought

Tom Coleman
Photography by Jerome Jakubiec

Everyone can relate to this book because everyone has had at least one fashion disaster in their life. Maybe it’s the “fashion forward” item you bought because you thought it would be cutting edge, only to discover that …

Danny Wallace

The rise of social media makes the idea of losing track of friends seem a bit quaint. But even if you are “friends” with some of your former classmates, co-workers or other pals on Facebook or Twitter, its not the same thing as seeing them in the flesh …

Berkeley Breathed

Bloom County Episode XI: A New HopeBreathed’s first collection of Bloom County strips in 26 years is a bittersweet and rather odd collection. While fans are delighted he is back, the topic matter that lured Breathed back is unfortunate. Bloom County suddenly burst back into life in the summer of 2015. Almost immediately, Breathed …

By The NumbersJen Lancaster

Lancaster’s switch from snarkily funny autobiography (Bitter is the New Black, I Regret Nothing) to fiction has been highly successful and incredibly satisfying. Admittedly, her inspiration comes from the same well – nasty women in the burbs getting life lessons in a hilarious, if sympathetic, way.


Truck-pb-c1Michael Perry

Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than Enron and Penthouse combined.

Perry’s Truck is a love song to his vintage truck, but also to so many other parts of his life – gardening, his neighbors, fellow fire fighters, family, seed catalogs, The Joynt bar, his fledgling …