What is Better Than Fiction?

Not much.  Hahahahaha!  *ahem*

Better Than Fiction is a site I started over fifteen years ago, reviewing books that I enjoyed reading.  I realized I was spending a few hours a week writing up recommendations that people had requested and it seemed kind of  silly to just send them to one or two people.  Since I truck through an average of a book a day, these are the pick of the crop.  There’s a pretty wide variety of subjects here – everything from non-fiction, best-sellers, chick lit., mysteries, art books and everything else.

So, how do I comment/contact you?

If you find a technical problem, broken link, typo or have a question, you can contact me here. Do not send commentary on reviews or recommend books, particularly self-published rants. I check this account about twice a year.

Why don’t I want to hear your opinion?

In the immortal words of Rhett Butler, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Actually, that’s not wholly true.  I write reviews because I read and enjoyed a book and think other people might enjoy it too.  If you find something here you like, great! Share on with friends and dig around for other goodies.  Don’t worry about me needing recommendations; my reading list is 500+ books.

Mostly though, I don’t care to spend the time dealing with trolls, spammers, bombastic wind-bags, know-it-alls, pompous and over-educated twits, and people who have printed their MaNIFeStO and want me to buy and review it.   I don’t want to debate, I want to read. You don’t like my opinion?  Don’t read the site anymore.  Join a book group and heckle someone more spineless than I.

And on that cheery note, enjoy!