Good Advice from Bad People

Zac Bissonnette

Selected wisdom from murderers, stock swindlers, and Lance Armstrong

Here are some of the sounds you will likely make while reading this book: Pppft! WHA? Unnnggh! Ha! ….ohhhhhhh. Bissonnette has hand-picked some of the most delightfully un-selfaware bits of advice for some really lousy people. Bernie Madoff’s investment advice?  “Stick with index funds.”Donald Trump?  “Don’t be too cocky.” From one hypocritical gem to the next – the cheating ministers, the bankrupt wealth advisers, and the steroid-pumped “don’t do drugs” athletes – a wide sampling of very bad people (and their comeuppance) can be enjoyed here. This collection is, if anything, far too short. I do so hope a volume two is on the way.