Good Advice from Bad People

Good Advice from Bad PeopleZac Bissonnette

Selected wisdom from murderers, stock swindlers, and Lance Armstrong

Here are some of the sounds you will likely make while reading this book: Pppft! WHA? Unnnggh! Ha! ….ohhhhhhh. Bissonnette has hand-picked some of the most delightfully un-selfaware bits of advice for some really lousy people. Bernie Madoff’s investment advice?  “Stick with index funds.”Donald Trump?  “Don’t be too cocky.” From one hypocritical gem to the next – the cheating ministers, the bankrupt wealth advisers, and the steroid-pumped “don’t do drugs” athletes – a wide sampling of very bad people (and their comeuppance) can be enjoyed here. This collection is, if anything, far too short. I do so hope a volume two is on the way.

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