Edgar Cantero

Cantero‘s modernist gothic horror novel is a ridiculously fun read. When Brit “A” discovers he has inherited a huge mansion and fortune from a previously unknown relative, the penniless student chucks it all and comes to the States. He and his companion, Niamh, a mute punker chick, …

The Dexter SeriesJeff Lindsay

I don’t really want to like the Dexter series, but then have a nasty habit of being quite good. Damn them. Now also a popular tv show, Lindsay follows the life of the mild-mannered blood-spatter analyst Dexter – forensics expert by day, sociopathic killer by night. The series …

Murder at Graverly ManorDaniel Edward Craig

By far the best mystery I’ve read in months, Murder at Gravely Manor is creepy and gripping. Former hotel manager Trevor Lambert decides that his life-long ambition is to own a B&B, despite never having mentioned this ambition previously. When he finds that he eccentric Lady Gravely …

The LochSteve Alten

Perfect summer read? Let’s see here:
Creepy cover with short, punchy title in large, raised letters? Check.
Wronged hero trying to right his life? Check
Snarky nemesis for said wronged hero? Check
Loyal sidekick/best friend? Check
Gorgeous dame to win in the end? Check
Fantastic prehistoric creature