Star IslandCarl Hiaasen

Hiaasen’s newest title, Star Island, is by far my favorite since Skinny Dip. Using the trite and oft-seen story of a starlet going off the rails, Hiaasen drags Cherry Pye, a mediocre singer filled with blind ambition, had her double Ann, into the psychotic world of …

Evil GeniusCatherine Jinks

Where do you go to school if you are a genius and your father is an evil genius? Why, the evil genius academy, of course. Learn the fine arts of lying, stealing, poisons, hacking, disguise and other deeply useful skills. The only drawbacks? The matriculation rate is nothing …

Trenton Lee StewartThe Mysterious Benedict Society

An ad in the paper looking for exceptional children lures orphan Reynie Muldoon into a strange shadow conspiracy. With a band of other brilliant and bizarre children, they must overthrow an evil mastermind. Inventive and fast-moving, though personally I think a few fires would have solved a …

The LochSteve Alten

Perfect summer read? Let’s see here:
Creepy cover with short, punchy title in large, raised letters? Check.
Wronged hero trying to right his life? Check
Snarky nemesis for said wronged hero? Check
Loyal sidekick/best friend? Check
Gorgeous dame to win in the end? Check
Fantastic prehistoric creature