Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series

Sue Grafton

The other day, my dad said “This Grafton woman has another book on the NYTimes bestseller list.  She’s up to V.  I wonder if they’re any good.  You should read one and find out.”  And I did.  And they were.  Very, very good. But then again, she IS on the NYTimes bestseller list and has been published from  A is for Alibi right up to  V is for Vendetta.

Grafton has that rare gift in that she can write a series around one character without them, or the plots, becoming stale.  Her P.I. Kinsey Milhone is funny, independent, stubborn and rich with personal quirks that make her thoroughly likeable.  Despite having a set group of friends and neighbors that appear in every book, Milhone’s cases, and her involvement, vary wildly.  There are no recycled plot lines, tired retellings or obvious tells in these mysteries.  Each is cleanly and cleverly written.  While each can stand alone, it does help to read them in order. Let’s hope she plans to write more than four more.  There’s always the Greek alphabet, right?