Meddling Kids

Edgar Cantero

Scooby-doo meets H.P. Lovecraft. What’s not to love? Cantero’s hilarious novel blends the cheesiness of Saturday morning cartoons with creepy, supernatural beasts from the depths of the earth. Years after the Blyton Summer Detective Club solves its last case, the gang decides to reform and revisit the case. The solution was too easy – a guy in a rubber salamander suit. But all are haunted by nightmares and the once aspiring and clever teens are now neurotic shells of their old selves. They must return the the mansion where it all ended and find what true evil lurks in the depths of the abandoned mansion on DeBoen Isle. Alternating between funny, snarky and witty commentary (much of it from the dog) and some rather creepy sneaking and hiding from nameless terrors, this book is a fun and fast read. Fans of Simon R Green, Mur Lafferty and Jim Butcher will especially enjoy this book.