Yours Cruelly, Elvira

Cassandra Peterson

Everyone knows Elvira, even if they don’t know where they know her from. A long-running host for schlocky late night horror movies (the ones MST3K loves to mock), the “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” brand grew to international fame. With a combo of blatant sexiness, chutzpah and cheesy jokes, Elvira endeared herself to fans of all stripes. Peterson’s own life is far more varied and complex than her character.

At 70, and with time on her hands during the pandemic, she decided it was time to write her biography. And what a ride! From her very early days as a go-go dancer, years as a Vegas showgirl, traveling the world as a singer and performer, and experience with the ground-breaking comedy group the Groundlings, she’s seen and done it all. As a self-professed groupie, she’s met hundreds of the biggest name from the 60s onward. Her book is packed with stories about getting profound career advice from Elvis, deciding not to cast Brad Pitt because he was too pretty, and doing comedy with Paul Rubens and Al Franken.

Her story is one of grit and determination to make it in show business and the often unpleasant underside of Hollywood. A fascinating biopic from a woman who has lived through so much, but has still managed to retain her sense of humor….and great boobs.