The Nineties

Chuck Klosterman

For Gen-Xers like myself, the 90s were just a few years ago. We lived them, so how could we possibly not know all about them? And yet, Chuck Klosterman, the pop-culture philosopher for our generation, once again does a phenomenal job pointing out all the obvious things we cannot see. Even though they are relatively recent history, so much of the 90s feel forgotten, until we are reminded. A decade that now seems relatively staid, peaceful and prosperous had an immense amount of turmoil and change. From the influence of musicians like Eminem and grunge, the rise of Fox “News”, the Gore/Bush election, the impeachment of Clinton and the slow, but total domination, of the internet. Klosterman takes an event or concept and turns it, showing us new and or forgotten facets. A wonderful, if dense, read but well worth the time.