Why Do Men Have Nipples?

why-do-men-have-nipplesMark Leyner and Billy Goldberg, M.D.

This strange combo of a TV writer and a ER medical doctor came up with their “ticket to fame” – a book filled with questions “You’d only ask a doctor after your third martini.” Goldberg and Leyner answer a slew of questions – from the embarrassing to the bizarre:
Can you take the tetracycline meant for fish tanks?
Do you really need to remove a bullet right away like they do in old westerns?
Does coffee stunt growth?
Can hot tubs make you infertile?
The answers are far from cut and dried. While the questions do get answered, in a way, most of the answers swerve off on random commentary, anecdotes, commentary on movie inaccuracies and mocking commentary on old-wives tales.

Q: Does marijuana help glaucoma?
A: Marijuana does reduce pressure in the eye, but in order to sustain this reduction you would have to smoke about ten to twelve joints a day. Your eye pressure would be lower but you will be too stoned to get anything accomplished except naked guitar playing, gluttonous pork rind consumption, or deriving profound meaning from Rob Schneider films.

Goldberg and Leyner have a great vocabulary, a vast collection of weird knowledge and the thirst to make some money off a book with a good title. A fun, fast read which will increase your medical knowledge but almost .01%.