Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel

dilbert-and-the-way-of-the-weaselScott Adams

I love this book. It was one of my saving graces while working for The Evil Company. Adams takes the view that most people are weasels. You can either be the victim of weasels, or become a weasel yourself. Illustrated with numerous Dilbert cartoon and real letters sent from Dilbert fans, Adams shows the many ways in which we are jerked around by other weasels. He also offers step-by-step lessons on becoming a weasel yourself. My favorite – don’t apologize directly. Instead, say you are “Sorry you feel that way.” Ah yes, I remember first using that phrase on a nasty client. They immediately softened and all was well. Was I sorry about their complaint? Hell no, I was sorry they felt cranky and were taking it out on me. Anyone working in a cube – strike that, anyone working at all – will appreciate this book. Read it. Learn to recognize weasels and beat them at their own game. Remember “Dance like it hurts. Love like you need money. Work when people are watching.”