Post Secret

post-secretFrank Warren

This new book highlights the postcard collection of PostSecret ( Back in 2003, Warren passed out 3000 blank postcards addressed to him. He asked people to decorate them and write a secret on them, then send them to him. Thousands of cards were sent – many more than he gave out. Over 10,000 cards have been sent to date. Warren posts the cards on his site weekly. His favorites have been compiled into this book. Some are silly and light-hearted “When I get angry, I write bad words on my toaster strudel.” Most are sadder and some scary. To me, they represent the total human experience – a distillation of being alive. I bet this book would scare a lot of people. Idealists so want humanity to be perfect and divine, but we’re not. Everyone has secrets.

“I don’t eat dinner at your parents because their house is filthy”
“Every time I approach an overpass, I think how easy it would be to simply turn the wheel ever so slightly to the left and find peace, at long last”
“I still haven’t told my father that I have the same disease that killed my mother.”
“I gave my vegetarian sister a meal with beef in it.”
“I hated my childhood”
“I am a dotcom millionaire but I told my family I missed the bubble”
“I will do anything to get married”