Our Smallest Towns – Big Falls, Blue Eye, Bonanza & Beyond

our-smallest-townsDennis Kitchen, intro by Garrison Keillor

I’m a sucker for photo essays. This is one of my favorites. Kitchen traveled the US, photographing the smallest towns in each state. What a variety of responses he received! Some towns turned out in full force – all 2,4 or 6 of them. Others requested that their town not be photographed because they didn’t want people moving there (one town said they couldn’t afford the taxes if another family moved in and had children who needed schooling). Other towns eagerly encouraged people to move there – even giving away land. The short comments by residents provide a wonderful feeling of the towns. Some talk sadly about the town dwindling. Others like their town small and enjoy knowing all the neighbors. Check out these great small towns- from private gated communities to empty lots, the former home of thousands.