Very Bad Poetry

very-bad-poetryThe Petras Siblings

I did so enjoy Here Speeching American that I grabbed another one of the Petras’ books. Through what must have been painfully arduous research, the duo managed to out together a collection of the worst poetry ever. No really, it is that bad. Godawful, in fact. Poems include:

The Dentologia- A Poem on the Diseases of the Teeth

Whene’er along the ivory disks, are seen.
The filthy footsteps of gangrene;
How Strange Are Dreams
How Strange are dreams! I dreamed the other night
A dream that made me tremble
Not with feat, but with a strange reality;
My supper, though late, consisted of no cheese.

Other fantastic poems include odes to: cheese, really really big cheese, carion crows, a girl with one eye, the happy cripple, the potato, Kansas, earwigs, my last tooth and other horrors. The book culminates on the poem that Petras decide is truly the worst ever. You decide. Vogons, eat your heart out.