Home Work – Hand Built Shelters

Home Work - Hand Built SheltersLloyd Kahn

I love this book. I love it so much I actually bought it. With real money and everything.  Kahn’s book is a massive collection of hand built shelters of every sort of building material possible. And they are truly inspiring. There are fantastic homes built of light concrete (made with pumice) that can be carved into swirling shell shapes, tree houses (complete with power and water), a rock house built by a naked man over a decade of time, a teepee with underground power to run the photocopier, houses that have been off the power grid/running on solar for 35 years, two-story gypsy style caravan houses, adobe, mud, brick, tin, glass, driftwood, hay bale, sandbag, old bus – you name it. The pictures are fantastic and the builders’ stories amazing. Now I even want to build a yurt! No really, a yurt! We’re going to get a build-a-yurt kit. Damn this book is cool.