Here Speeching American

here-speeching-american Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras

So enough with the serious literature already.

The Petras siblings came up with a hilarious little collection of horribly, painfully mangled attempts at English from around the world. Fans of will recognize some of the old favorites (“No smorking!” )but there is a world of doozies here:

Travel – “Lhasa Reception Centre for the Unorganized Tourist” sign in Tibet
Rules – “Foot Wearing Prohibited” Buddhist template, Burma
Road Signs – “The Slippers are Very Crafty” – China (wet roads)
Wonderful Products – “Super Soft Computerized Socks” Madras India
Food “Crap Rolls, Crap Cream Spaghetti and Crap Cream Risotto” menu items in Italy
English Guidebooks – ” To craunch a marmoset. Exculpate me by your brother’s. She make the prude” English phrases from The New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English
Advertising – ” Before going to work, have a few lapses in the pool.” Ad for a Bangkok condo