The Supernatural Enhancements

Edgar Cantero

Cantero‘s modernist gothic horror novel is a ridiculously fun read. When Brit “A” discovers he has inherited a huge mansion and fortune from a previously unknown relative, the penniless student chucks it all and comes to the States. He and his companion, Niamh, a mute punker chick, soon settle in to a life of leisure. But (of course), A soon discovers his predecessors died ghastly, untimely deaths. The house has been used for decades for some bizarre yearly ritual and (again, of course) is larded with dark secrets. Ghosts, visions and horrors abound. But being practical, skeptical, clever – a most importantly – modern individuals, A and Niamh go the route that so many of us would. They purchase heaps of modern home security and surveillance equipment and wire the joint.

The story is told in segments – bits of letters to a mysterious aunt, sections of old tomes, recorded conversations, transcribed video segments and, of course, running commentary from A and Niamh’s notebooks. What would likely be a messy conceit for other authors, this mix of storytelling works wonderfully for Cantero.

Totally gripping, wildly imaginative, occasionally hilarous and truly creepy. Be sure to check out Cantero’s Meddling Kids, too – Scooby-doo meets H.P. Lovecraft.