The Brothers of Baker Street

The Brothers of Baker StreetMichael Robertson

Robertson’s first book, The Baker Street Letters, had an excellent premise.  Two brothers, both barristers, set up shop at 221 Baker St.  Part of their lease stipulates that they must answer all letters written to Sherlock Holmes with a form letter. The younger brother, Nigel, starts reading the letters and the expected chaos ensues.  The book was good, though the plot was a bit confused.  However, the Sherlock Holmes connection held up pretty well.

The Brothers of Baker Street both continues to hold up the premise but has a much tighter and more cohesive plot. It is a mystery full of excellent plot twists, likable characters plus plenty of London scenery.  There are some giveaways to the first book, so I would recommend reading them in order.

Laura sighed, and she gave Nigel a look that said she didn’t believe him, but that if she did believe him, she wished she didn’t.