Detroit Disassembled

Andrew Moore

I find something incredibly satisfying about Moore’s photos of a decaying post-apocalyptic Detroit. While the building are crumbling to nothing, nature is reasserting herself.  Man has not conquered nature, nor ever will. We may be doing our damnedest to overpopulate and pollute the planet, but nature will have the last laugh.

The photos are also history in action.  Often archaeologists unearth ruins and state in a purposeful (confused) tone that “trade routes must have changes and the social dynamic made people leave, yadda yadda.” It sounds so fancifal,  Why would people leave a perfectly good city and move elsewhere? Why wouldn’t they take their stuff?  You can’t just leave a city and walk away… can you? Detroit is one of these ruined and obsolete places. Beautiful images showing a city that no longer serves a purpose.