The Big Rewind

Libby Cudmore

Codmore’s debut murder mystery is a Gen-X must read. The murder mystery plot is tight,  interesting, and fast-moving. However, it’s Cudmore’s characters and their conversations that truly make the book. Jett Bennett, an aspiring writer in New York, is looking for her tribe. Living in her grandma’s apartment on Barter Street, she has many acquaintances but only one real friend. A neighbor, KitKat, is brutally murdered. Jett navigates the world of her neighborhood – hole-in-the-wall cafes, record shops, indy music clubs, thrift stores – to find clues to KitKat’s murder. She also calls on her temp-job boss, a private detective with whom she has a…interesting…relationship, for aid. Woven through the plot are first loves, betrayal, obsession, the sad loss of passion for music as we age, the power of great song lyrics, friendship, and  life existing on a shoestring budget. Familiar, intriguing, passionate and a wonderful read for those of us who still remember the importance of a mix tape.