Murder on Mustique

Anne Glenconner

Glenconner’s first fiction book is a fascinating blend of experience and fabrication. A real-life Baroness,  former lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, and former owner of the Caribbean island Mustique, Glenconner sets her book on this very familiar location. With a clear-eyed look at the “haves” (the rich, famous socialites) and “have-nots” (original residents) on this tiny spit of land, Glenconner creates a tight and fast-moving mystery. Lady Vee, based on the author herself, and the one policeman on the island race against time and a massive storm to solve a string of murders. Her partner, Solomon Nile, is a local boy educated in Oxford with the Lady’s backing. They use their combined knowledge of society, culture and the tiny place they call home to find their killer. The fabulous descriptions of the scenery and society are just the cherry on top of a truly excellent mystery.