In the Courts of the Sun

Brian D’amato

D’amato creates a fantastic near-future and recreates the lost Maya civilizations. As 2012 nears, the end of the Maya calendar, a large-scale disaster strikes. The disaster, followed by the end of civilization, are both predicted in a Maya codex. Jed DeLanda, a Maya descendant and expert in the future-fortelling Game, becomes involved with a conglomeration of groups interested in stopping the end-time. In short order, DeLanda finds the rich and powerful powers-that-be have the ability to send a copy of his mind back in time, with the hope that he can find out what the final disaster is and avert it in time. While the premise of the book is fantastic, De Landa’s first-person internal running commentary is hilarious and snarky and gives a realistic tone to the book. D’amato brings a world of warring clans, secret societies, warrior culture and lost civilizations to colorful and believable life. Looks long, reads fast.