Who ARE You People?

Shari CaudronShari Caudron

If you are a hobby-bobber like me, this book will hit a major nerve with you. Author Caudron tells of her burning desire to have… a burning desire. Bouncing from one interest to another, she never found that one thing that really tripped her trigger – the hobby that would consume her and make her a raving fan. I too often feel jealous when I met someone who has a true passion that they will follow and work on with any spare time or money they have. They always have something to turn to and always have a group to discuss their mania with. Crisscrossing the country, Caudron interviews Barbie collectors, Furries, Mayberry fans, pigeon races and storm-chasers. All are dedicated and addicted to their own personal love and yet surprisingly scornful when told of other groups’ passions. A funny, weird and definitely interesting look into other people manias.