Roller Girl – Totally True Tales from the Track

Roller Girl - Totally True Tales from the TrackMelissa – “Melicious” Joulwan

Melicious’ book is a a must read for any derby fans or aspiring derby girls. Covering the early days of the Texas Roller Girls (the modern mothers of derby) Joulwan talks about her discovery of derby, addiction, the politics of the early team, dissolution of the old group and the formation on the current democratic derby teams and leagues. Interspersed with the usual derby fun, bruises and bashing and back-stabbing politics, are accounts of more memorable bouts. Here and there are mentions of our local league – The Mad Rollin’ Dolls. Not a fan of derby? You may want to skip the bout details, but give it a read anyway. A satisfying story of what women can accomplish when they want to hit each other while wearing fishnets.