Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan

Lisa Katayama

Urawaza is a secret or trick to do things better – life-hacking. This collection of Urawaza offers a myriad of ideas to fix and do things in a cheap and easy way – often as alternatives to a more standard way. For instance, have glass all over the floor? Don’t try to sweep or mop it up, but use a piece of soft bread to gently lift up the shards. Other tips are equally practical. Cat scratching your table legs? Wrap them in rope. Candle wax in the carpet? Use layers of paper and an iron to soak the wax out. Others seem a bit more iffy. I doubt I’ll stick scallions up my nose to clear congestion, nor do I think I will rub white shoe-polish on poison ivy, Fun read, fun ideas.