Stump the Bookseller

This month was excellent for books. I found three new novels by some of my favorite authors, plus another couple really excellent titles. I also happened to run across a web page called Stump the Bookseller at Loganberry Books ( For $2, you can send them a short synopsis of the plot. They will then post it and help you find the title and the actual book. I posted 2, one of which they found within a day. Turns out the bizarre sci-fi book I read in middle school was actually a Quebecois title, translated to English in the 70s and finally ending up in our dinky library. Already more half-remembered plots are bubbling up in my mind. Another, Tourists by Lisa Goldstein, drove two friends and I mad for years when we couldn’t remember the title. I had the great pleasure of finally rediscovering the book and sending to surprise copies to my friends, almost 20 years after we first read it.