Something Wicked #3


AuthorTitleCharacter/SeriesOther (Movie, Real Murder Case, etc)
Rice, CraigHome Sweet Homicide
Stewart, MaryMy Brother Michael
Dumas, AlexandreThe Count of Monte Cristo
Mortimer, JohnRumpole of the Bailey
The Trouble with Harry
Grafton, SueKinsey Milhone
Stephen King
Marsh, NgaioInspector Roderick Alleyn
Arsenic and Old Lace (movie)
Spillane, MickeyMike Hammer
Chesterton, G.K.The Innocence of Father Brown
McDonald, PhillipThe Rasp
Cody, Liza
Stinson, Jim
Morice, Anne
Miller, ArthurThe Crucible
Albee, EdwardWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Movie)
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Circular Staircase Hilda Adams: Nurse Detective
Letitia Carberry
Ford, Leslie
McLeod, Charlotte
Simpson, Dorothy
Barnes, Linda
Shimwell, IanThe Armchair Detective
Pentecost, HughPierre Chambrun
Mystery Readers Journal
Telushkin, JosephThe Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Wahl
Marsh, Ngaio
Gordon, MildredUndercover Cat
Christie, AgathaThe Mousetrap
Christie, AgathaCrooked House
Christie, AgathaMurder at the Vicarage
Christie, AgathaThe Hollow
Christie, AgathaDeath in the Clouds
Christie, AgathaCrooked House
Christie, AgathaA Caribbean Mystery
Christie, AgathaDeath on the Nile
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None
Christie, AgathaThe Body in the Library
Christie, AgathaOrdeal by Innocence
Christie, AgathaTowards Zero
Christie, AgathaThe Moving Finger
Christie, AgathaA Murder is Announced
Christie, AgathaAriadne Oliver
Inspector Slack
Ellery Queen Magazine
Coward, NoelBlithe Spirit
Mckenney, RuthMy Sister Eileen
The Moon is Blue
Alexander, LawrenceBig Stick
Alexander, LawrenceSpeak Softly
Died Laughing: 50 Years of Funny Mysteries
Heyer, GeorgetteA Blunt Instrument
Ellin, StanleyThe Dark Fantastic
Thompson, JimThe Killer Inside Me
Branch, Pamela and Schantz, Tom and EnidMurder's Little Sister
Branch, Pamela and Schantz, Tom and EnidThe Wooden Overcoat
Little, Constance & GwenythThe Black Shrouds
Moorcock, MichaelThe Black Corridor
Weatherall , Leonidas
Tilton, AliceFile for Record
Westlake, DonaldGod Save the Mark
Westlake, DonaldDancing Aztecs
Porter, JoyceChief Inspector Wilfred Dover
Hess, JoanMalice in Maggody
Crider, Bill
McConnell, Frank
Gilman, DorothyDorothy Polifax
Leonard, ElmoreDragnet
Carr, John Dickson and Enid and Tom SchantzThe Crooked Hinge
Albert, Susan WittigLove Lies Bleeding
Wilde, OscarThe Importance of Being Ernest
Rendell, Ruth
James, P.D.
Miller, Margaret
McCloy, HelenBasil Willing
Armstrong, Charlotte
March, WilliamThe Bad Seed
Pickard, NancyMarriage is Murder
Miss Julie Tyler
Levin, Ira Levin and Penzler, Otto A Kiss Before Dying
Fremlin, CeliaThe Hours Before Dawn
Highsmith, PatriciaStangers on a Train
Seeley, MabelThe Listening House
Slesar, Henry The Thing at the Door
Hunt, KyleDr. Emmanual Cellini
Meyer, LynnDr. Sarah Chayse
Millar, MargaretDr. Paul Prye
Mitchell, GladysDame Beatrice Bradley
Dr. John Smith
Carr, John Dickson Hollow Man
Tallyrand (Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord) served under Napolean
Palmer, StuartInspector Piper
Gardner, Erle StanleyHamilton Burger (Perry Mason)
Freeman, AustionDr. Thorndyke
Biggers, Earl DerrCharlie Chan
Hammett, DashiellNick and Nora Charles
Charteris, LeslieThe Saint
Keating, HRFA Perfect MurderInspector Ghote
Sherwood, JohnCelia Grant
Gilbert, Michael and Tom Schantz and Enid SchantzSmallbone Deceased
van Gulik, RobertJudge Dee
Taylor, Phoebe AtwoodPerennial Boarder
Octagon House
Addams, ChasThe Addams Family
Collins, Joan
F.Lee Bailey
John J Malone
Fair, AADonald Lam
Bertha Cool
Maitland, Anthony
Thompson, GeneDade Cooley
Bailey, H.C.Joshua Clunk
O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise
Dickens, CharlesA Tale of Two CitiesMadame Defarge
Roosevelt, TeddyThe Rough Riders
Lovell, MarcThe Spy Who Got His Feet Wet
The Spy Who Barked in the Night
Kienzle, William The Rosary Murders
Rossiter, JohnThe Villains
I Should Have Stayed Home
Jepson, SelwynEve Gill
Clarence Darrow, lawyer
Peters, ElizabethCrocodile on the Sandbank
Peters, ElizabethThe Curse of the Pharaohs
Peters, ElizabethThe Mummy Case
Peters, ElizabethThe Jackals Head
Peters, ElizabethBorrower of the Night
Peters, ElizabethThe Copenhagen Connection
Peters, ElizabethDie for LoveAmelia Peabody Emerson
Orczy, BaronessLady Molly Of Scotland Yard
Innes, MichaelSir John Appleby
Moyes, PatriciaJohnny Underground
Smith, JulieRebecca Schwartz
Clift, DennisonSpy in the Room
Koja, KatheThe Cipher
Hoch, EdwardThe Spy and the Thief
Johnson, JamesCode Name Sebastian
McBain, EdSo Long as You Both Shall Live
Barrett, MonteThe Wedding March Murder
Carleton, MarjoryThe Bridge Regrets
The Bride Wore Black
Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca
Holt, Victoria Mistress of Mellyn
Whitney, Phyllis A. Dream of Orchids
Pickard, Nancy
Van Dine, SSThe Casino Murder CasePhilo Vance
Langton, Jane