A Little House of My Own

A Little House of My OwnLester Walker

Like Lloyd Kahn, architect Lester Walker loves small homes. His book features an array of small homes, ranging from historic like those of Thoreau at Walden Pond and Thomas Jefferson’s “honeymoon cottage” to modernist mock-ups created by his students. There are less pictures of interiors than Kahn’s books, which can be disappointing.  But he does provide blueprint-ish exploded sketches to show interior, exterior and how how furniture fits inside. Most surprising was the evolution of the Campground Cottages from tents at camp-meetings into the gingerbread-crusted Gothic cottages still seen in places like Ocean Grove, NJ.  Another description made me laugh out loud, as many other mid-western northerners might: After much research this roadside structure has been identified as a shelter for two children waiting for their school bus…” The mundane to one is the exotic to another. Enjoy, plan, plot, be inspired.

Tent Homes in Ocean Grove