Mindless Eating

Mindless Eating Dr. Brian Wansink

From the title, you’d never guess this book is a laugh riot. After reading an interview in Salon the Dr. Wansink, I had to read the book. Wansink and his lab study why humans overeat. Packed with great anecdotes, Wansink gives a behind-the-scenes look of his research. Want folks to think you are serving more than you are? Divide up snacks into many bowls and spread them around the room. Want to get rid of dinner guests fast? Tell them that the new wine they are trying is from North Dakota. I particularly enjoyed the story of one of Wanksink’s test subjects dropping his fork and discovering the “borg-like ” soup bowl-filling contraption under the table, then running screaming from the room. Good stuff, funny and thought-provoking.