Helping Me Help Myself

Beth Lisick
When I cracked open Helping Me Help Myself my first thought was “Oh, this is EXACTLY the same as Jennifer Niesslein’s Practically Perfect in Every Way.” While the premise is identical – woman decides to get her act together via self-help books and write a book about it – the voices of the two are very different. Equally as amusing and Niesslein, Lisick takes a crack at getting her finances together, clean up her house, exercise and stop her son’s tantrums. Unlike Niesslein, Lisick and her husband have a much more precarious existence. She is mouthier, louder, ruder and much more likely to take the gurus’ advice with a huge helping of skepticism and sarcasm. Unlike Niesslein, Lisick not just reads the books but also goes to many seminars hosted by the self-help authors. If anything, the chapter on going on the Richard Simmons cruise is worth a read.

“Hi Ladies,” he says as he approaches. “I’m just coming through to see if everything’s all right.” …As he strolls around, he pauses next to me and Jan, leans in between us, and says slyly, and only to us, “Is this the hooker table?” Then he abruptly turns and walks away. Jan and I burst into laughter, and knowing we’re still watching him, he flips up the flaps of his little shorts, flashing his butt cheeks without turning his head. The man is a genius.