The Full Body Project

The Full Body Project – Leonard Nimoy

I heard a lovely interview by Nimoy months ago on his new book and the fear of working in this “new” medium. Unlike his past works (and most other photographers) Nimoy used plus-size models for his project. After being approached by a member of the Fat-Bottom Revue, a larger-than-life burlesque troupe, Nimoy agreed to shoot a group of obese women. Modeling his shots after other famous photo shoots and paintings, Nimoy presents a collection of strangely beautiful, almost sculptural, images. While the vast majority of the population is much more likely to be the size and shape of the women in the book, we so rarely see so much as a bulge or hair out of place. The models in Nimoy’s book have everything that society disapproves of – rolls of fat, dimpled thighs, droopy breasts, tons of tattoos and a full-on challenging eye-contact with the viewer. Nice chutzpah, ladies!