Ghostly Ruins – America’s Forgotten Architecture

Harry Skrdla
Harry Skrdla is a prat. His writing is pompous, overblown and redundant. I can almost guarantee he has a closet full of notebooks where he wrote wretched Goth poetry in while in high school.

The pictures, on the other hand, are beautiful. Encompassing a wide array of ruins – homes, factories, amusement parks – Skrlda shows the beauty and sadness of wonderful unique buildings left to rot. Many of the locations were built during the Victorian era and are massive and solid edifices. These hospitals, jails and mansions are often stone and brick with slate roofs. While their decay may have been going on for a hundred years, the buildings still persevere. Pictures taken of the buildings in their heyday make the crumbling halls and gaping windows all the more poignant and grimly appealing.