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Access All AreasNinjalicious
Ninjalicious, founder of and master urban explorer, came out with the wicked useful guide to visiting hidden and off-limit places. Sadly, he died weeks after the book was published. However, his immensely useful collection of tips on getting in and out of spaces is available to one and all. Urban exploration in the hobby/art of visiting ruined buildings, construction sites and off-limit areas of “live” buildings. The purpose of these trips are to visit and appreciate sites often long-forgotten or seen only by handful of select few. Interspersed with stories of his actual trips, Ninjalicious offers sound advice on safety, not damaging sites, surveillance, photography, propping doors, overriding freight elevators, hiding, accessing air-ducts, climbing fences, running and, most importantly, fast talking. Will I ever go down a storm sewer to explore? Not likely. But there is something just so delightfully satisfying knowing I could, should the desire arise.