Fame Junkies – The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Favorite Addiction

Fame JunkiesJake Halpern

Halpern’s wonderfully interesting (and far too short) book Fame Junkies explores the world of people drawn to fame. Divided into three sections, Halpern interviews and follows a legion of wanna-be child stars and their families, a group of celebrity assistants and a clutch of die-hard fans. Each group personally expends an inordinate amount their personal time and energy (and often money) to either try to attain a level of fame or simply to get near someone famous. The definition of fame, based on Halpern’s subjects, can be tenuous. For many being famous does not mean being an A-list movie star, but merely an underwear model for Sears. Halpern interviews families in podunk towns shelling out thousands for their children to go to acting schools; starry-eyed assistants willing to work 18 hour days for peanuts in the service of C-list stars; and family members of fanatical groupies. Only in America.