Extreme Birds

Extreme BirdsDominic Couzens

Holy heck! Who knew birds were so interesting and diverse? I mean, yes, lots of colors, some in the tundra, some in trees, some in water, big feathers, little bills, twit twit, caw caw. But birds with neurotoxins on their feathers? Or ones that create and use tools? How about birds that perform dances cross-species to help one species mate? Here are birds that kick their prey to death…including humans! Some birds spend their entire lives building intricate nests, replete with pebbled walkways up to the “gate” for no other purpose to interest a mate… who then builds her own nest. Other birds don’t mate until they are 18 years old. And let’s not forget the ugliest birds, smelliest, worst fliers, longest tongued and the heaviest testes- making up 8% of the birds weight and weighing more than their brains.