Dr. Tara Westover

Westover’s memoir of life in an isolated, paranoid Mormon household is gripping, grim and terribly sad. Her bipolar father believes the End Times are near and they spend countless hours prepping. He also distrusts the government, the schools, doctors, safety gear and seat belts. His family pays for his paranoia, time and time again. Yet, somehow, Westover and two of her siblings, manage free themselves from this isolated and ignorant life and it’s daily, brutal, bloody reality.

In a time when the entirety of the world seems hellbent in sliding back to a dark age, Westover’s burning desire for knowledge, against all odds and with everything against her, is a bright spot of hope. Like Martha Beck’s Leaving the Saints and Carolyn Jessop’s Escape, Educated is a tough and wildly engrossing read.

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