Death on Demand #1


AuthorTitleCharacter/SeriesOther (Movie, Real Murder Case, etc)
Shannon, Dell
Francis, Dick
Hammett, DashiellSam Spade
Nick and Nora (The Thin Man)
Carol Brener, One time owner of Murder Ink
Penzler, Otto
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Yellow Room
Keene, CarolynNancy Drew
Dixon, FrankThe Hardy Boys
Nixon, Joan Lowery
Christie, AgathaAppointment with Death
Christie, AgathaDeath in the Air
Christie, AgathaFunerals are Fatal
Christie, Agatha The Moving FingerMs. Marple, Hercule Poirot, Tommy and Tuppence, Inspector Slack
Christie, AgathaMrs. Mcginty's Dead
Christie, AgathaMurder of Roger Ackroyd
Christie, AgathaMurder at Hazelmoor
Christie, AgathaRemembered Death Jack the Ripper
Christie, AgathaTowards Zero
Captain John MacDonaldTravis McGee
Rice, CraigHome Sweet Homicide
Stewart, MaryMy Brother Michael
Carr, John Dickson
Wallace, EdgarFour Just Men
Rendell, RuthA Judgement in Stone
Wentworth, PatriciaMiss Silver
Sayers, Dorothy LLord Peter Wimsey
Dentinger, Jane
Cannell, Dorothy
Harris, Charlaine
McBain, EdSteve Carella
Cross, Amanda
Adams,Harriet StratemeyerNancy Drew
Little, Constance and Gwenyth
Westlake, Donald
Kaminsky, Stuart
Porter, Joyce
Mcdonald, GregoryFletch
Perry, Tom
Du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca
Du Maurier, Daphne My Cousin Rachel
Seeley, MabelThe Listening House
Buchan, John and Toby39 Steps
MacDonald, PhillipThe List of Adrian Messenger
MacDonald, PhillipRasp
Queen, ElleryThe Tragedy of Y
Taylor, Phoebe AtwoodThe Cape Cod Mystery
Taylor, Phoebe AtwoodOctagon HouseAsey Mayo
Millar, Margaret Beast in View
Palmer, StuartThe Puzzle of the Silver PersianHildegarde Withers
Daly, ElizabethUnexpected Night
Keene, Ruby
MacLean, Alistair Ice Station Zebra
Poe, Edgar AllenMurder in the Rue Morgue
Mystery of the Yellow Room (not Leroux?)
Dickson, CarterHe Wouldn't Kill Patience
Rawson, ClaytonDeath in a Top Hat
Tilton, AliceLeonides Witherall
Resnick, MikeThe Dog in the Manger
Lemarchand, ElizabethDeath of an Old Girl
Grimes, Martha
Follet, Ken
Spillane, MickeyMike Hammer
Fleming, IanJames Bond
Dumas, AlexandreThe Count of Monte Cristo
Roberts, NoraHigh Noon
Morice, AnneTessa Crichton
Stout, RexNero Wolfe
Freeman, AustinDr. Thorndyke
Doyle, Arthur ConanSherlock Holmes
Chandler, RaymondPhilip Marlowe
The Saint
Gardner, Erle StanleyPerry Mason
Woolrich, CornellRear WindowAlso Movie (Hitchcock, Alfred)
Paretsky, SaraV.I. Warshawski
Ford, LeslieColonel Primrose
Grace Latham
Hallowe'en IIMovie
Highsmith, Patricia
Lockridge, Frances and RichardMr. and Mrs. North
Howard, ClarkHorn Man
Faulkner, WilliamKnight's Gambit
Estleman, LorenSugartown
Crofts, Freeman Wills
Andrews, V.C.Flowers in the Attic
Collins, Mary
Ambler, EricThe Light of Day
Wentworth, Patricia
Brand, ChristiannaGrace Pool
Murder Ink Mystery Companions