Death Comes Silently #22


Addison, JosephA Letter from Italy
CSI (tv show)
Cibber, Colley
Glee (tv show)
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Man in the Lower Ten
Coben, Harlan
Saums, MaryThistle and Twigg
Inner Sanctum (radio show)
Buchan, JohnRIchard Hannay
Innes, MichaelJohn Appleby
Kallen, LucilleMaggie Rome
Marquand, JohnMr. Moto
Rinehart, Mary RobertsTish Carberry
Calvin, HenryIt's Different AbroadCharlie Chan
Haywood, Gar AnthonyGoing Nowhere Fast
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise Affair
Ambler, EricThe Light of Day
Burcell, RobinThe Bone Chamber
Wentworth, PatriciaDevil's Wind
The Shadow (radio show)
The Play House
Golden Girls (tv show)
Dancing With the Stars (tv show)
Wiggin, Kate DouglasRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Lutz, Lisa
Stabenow, Dana
Dennison, Hannah
Carlisle, Kate
Gorman, Ed
Havill, Steven
Charles Addams (cartoonist for the New Yorker)
Axis Sally, broadcaster on Radio Berlin WWII
Childs, LauraThe Jasmine Moon Murders
Malliet, GMDeath and the Lit Chick
Sheridan, JuanitaThe Mamo Murders
Albert, Susan WittigThe Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Trees
Pearce, MichaelThe Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet