Dandy Lion

The Black Dandy and Street Style
Shantrelle P Lewis

Dandy: A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop.

Dandies, in this day and age, are a rare anachronism. People wear pajamas to the grocery store, and jeans to weddings. But the dandy holds the line to sartorial elegance. Dandy Lion looks at the styles, and politics, of Black dandy men (and some women) around the world. For some, dressing carefully and elegantly is simply a way of showing self-care and personal pride. For others, it is an entire lifestyle, built around clubs and a culture of dressing to outdo the next man. But for all, it is a political statement –  a declaration that they are as good as any man. Lewis’ gorgeous photos of dandies in their dandiest are gorgeous and inspiring. Fans of The World Atlas of Street Fashion, and Humans of New York will especially enjoy this collection.