Chinatown Pretty

Andria Lo & Valerie Luu

chinatown prettyFashion and Wisdom from Chinatown’s Most Stylish Seniors

Anyone who is a fan of visiting Chinatown – be it Chicago, San Francisco, or New York – will recognize these elderly citizens. Always bundled to the nines, these are long-time residents of their own small cities within cities. Lo and Luu traveled to a host of these small immigrant enclaves both to photograph the fashions, but also interview residents. While the outfits worn by their subjects are amazing, colorful and rich in detail, the stories these people tell are even better. Weaving together the story of Chinatown, the various waves of immigrants from Asian nations of the centuries, plus the backstory on what constitutes Chinatown chic, Lo and Luu create a wonderful narrative. Like Ari Seth Cohen, they focus on older subjects and their own personal narrative that builds their aesthetic. From hand-tailored outfits brought from Hong Kong in the 90s to the colorful mass-produced socks, each of these people has their own unique fashion.