Advanced Style: Older and Wiser

Ari Seth Cohen

Style is timeless and ageless, as evidenced by this gorgeous and engrossing collection of fashion photos. Cohen’s models range from early 60s and on up. The clothing runs from wildly fashion-forward designs to timeless classics. There are perfect suits and curled mustaches, massive rings, wildly colored hair, kimonos and hand-made hats. What ties then all together are the elegance of the clothing and their senior models. Interspersed with photos are interviews with Cohen’s subjects.

My age is somewhere between mid 70s and eternity, but I am not really an old lady -I’m just cleverly disguised as one. I know that I am not immortal, but I am ageless. – Sue Kreitzman, artist

Visit his fashion blog for photos, coloring book and even a documentary! Vital and wonderful.