Childfree and Loving It!

Childfree and Loving It!Nicki DeFago

Yup, there it is. This is it, the perfect book for those without a maternal/paternal bone in their bodies (me). I like kids – in very small doses and at certain ages. However, I am more than happy to hand them back. Do I want any? Never! Touching on everything from the big global reason not to have children (overpopulation and resources) to the basic (don’t wanna!) DeFago talks about “the last taboo” – not wanting kids. For those of us who have no desire to spend sleepless nights, gobs of money and the best years of our lives on screaming spawn, this book is a wonderful comfort. Quotes from numerous interviews show a wide range of folks with and without kids. Some were pressured into having children with the lame old “you’ll love them when they’re yours” line (actually, some of those people don’t love them and regret them immensely) to folks who have lived happily without children and can’t imagine ever wanting to change their lives. I sure can’t.