Early Bird: A Memoir of Early Retirement

Early Bird- A Memoir of Early RetirementSidney Rothman

When Sidney Rothman, head writer for Letterman, is fired he decides to take some time off. After 10 years of frantically being “on” in the hyper-alert city of L.A., Rothman decides to go to the only place he ever remembers feeling relaxed in his life – Florida. So, at the ripe age of 29, Rothman finds himself a roommate in a retirement “village” and starts early retirement… just to try it out. Both funny and sad, Rothman muses on the early-bird dinners, trying to break into the cool cliques by the pool, the joy of terry-cloth clothing and the pace of life for the end-of-lifers. Funny, weird and interesting. And to be honest, working for a very long time doesn’t look so bad after all…

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