Beyond Mammoth Cave

Beyond Mammoth CaveJames Borden and Roger Brucker

I picked up this book earlier in the fall when we were vacationing at Mammoth Cave. Tag-teaming in an occasionally confusing way, Borden and Brucker tell of their various exploits exploring and mapping Mammoth Cave and the ensuing connection to Roppel Cave, making Mammoth Cave by far the largest cave system in the world. Caving is a combination of excitement and adventure accompanied by cold, damp, dark and LOTS of politics. Interspersed with stories about climbs and digs through various newly-discovered areas of the cave (plastic wrap and duct tape does not a wetsuit make) Border and Brucker also discuss the politics of various caving groups, Park Service Rules, clubs and cliques. Often tense and exciting but also extremely frustrating, this book seems to be an excellent look at what life for dedicated cavers is really like.