Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?

Caitlin Doughty

Mortician and author Doughty takes questions about children and turns them into educational comedy gold. She tackles a host of disgusting, weird and fascinating death-related topics in a practical, and hilarious, manner. From “Can We Give Grandma a Viking Funeral?” to “We Eat Chickens, Why Not Dead People?” For every curious child (and adult), this is a factual, pragmatic and fascinating look at death. As an added bonus, the illustrations by DiannĂ© Ruz are fabulous!

Did Mummies Stink When They Were Wrapped?

After the natron was removed, the embalmers filled the body cavities with sawdust, linen, and pleasant-smelling substances like cinnamon and frankincense. It’s possible that at some moment  the dry body maybe have even smelled…sorta nice? Like a Christmas candle. Or a pumpkin-spiced mummy.