Timpson’s Country Churches

Timpson's Country ChurchesJohn Timpson

Any of my fellow Anglophiles will love this collection of country churches, collected by former BBC news reporter John Timpson. Each church is featured with a short description of the most unique features and a photo or two. The tidbits of fascinating history Timpson ferreted out are not your standard historical c.v. Instead, he finds strange architectural features like stained glass windows featured the Magi wearing kilts, one-handed clocks and decor created by over-enthusiastic (and unskilled) Victorian clergy. He mentions notables buried in various churches, from crusaders to paupers. His tone is both interested in amused, quoting the brochure from one church that breathlessly starts every description of the church with  “one of the finest…” A lovely book to read cover-to-cover to bob in and out of.