The Man on the Washing Machine

Susan Cox

This book was humming along, being all wonderful and and stuff.  And then it ended!  The nerve! Worse, it is Cox’s first and was just published (Dec. 2015). Despite these short-comings, I would highly recommend picking up The Man on the Washing Machine. Theo Bogart, looking to escape an unpleasant and sad past, makes a spontaneous decision to set up a small soap shop in a quiet San Francisco neighborhood. Despite being in a large metropolitan area, the neighborhood feels more like a small town. Neighbors are also friends and customers. Usually living in each other’s pockets feel cozy and safe… at least until the deaths start. Neighbors still turn to one another for comfort, but also look at one another with a suspicious eye.  A fast-paced and enjoyable debut. Good job, Ms. Cox.  Now go write some more!