Sugarplum Dead #12


Hager, JeanThe Last Noel
Hess, JoanA Holly Jolly Murder
Trochek Hogan, KathyMidnight Clear
Smith, Barbara BurnettMistletoe from Purple Sage
Hunter, FredRansome for a Holiday
Wolzien, ValerieWe Wish You a Merry Murder
MacDonald, John D.
Cain, James M.
Gardner, Erle Stanley
Davidson, Diane Mott
Page, Katherine Hall
Laurence, Janet
Christie, AgathaHercule Poirot's Christmas
Carlson, PMMurderous Miss Mooney
Rowlands, BettyDeath at Dearley Manor
Llewellyn, CarolineFalse Light
George, Anne
Coban, Harlan
Robinson, Peter
Crombie, Deborah
Graham Carolyn
Francis, Dick
Michaels, BarbaraThe Sea King's Daugher
Hughes, Dorothy B.The So Blue Marble
Langton, JaneDark Nantucket Noon
MacLeod, CharlotteRest You Merry
Judge Judy
Stanley, George Edward
Chesteron, GKFather Brown
Pirates of Penzance (Gilbert and Sullivan Musical)
Orwell, George
Haywood, Gar AnthonyJoe Loudermilk
Jeff Chandler (actor)
Ezio Pinza (opera singer)
Cary Grant (actor)
Colman, Ronald (actor)
Pierce Brosnan (actor)
Brad Pitt (actor)
Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
Dunlap, Susan
Lapierre, Janet
Dawson, Janet
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
Muller, Marcia
Grant, Linda
Braun, Lillian JacksonThe Cat Who Saw Stars
Clegg, Douglas
Lehane, Douglas
Dunn, CarolaDeath At Wentwater Court
Brandon, Jay
McGarrity, Michael
Christie, AgathaThe ABC Murders
Christie, AgathaDouble Witness
Christie, AgathaSad Cypress
Christie, AgathaAnother Funeral
Heyer, Georgette
Wentworth, Patricia
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
SapperBulldog Drummond
Contant, SusanHolly Winter
Hall, Pamela
Langton, JaneThe Transcendental Murder
Page, Katherine Hall
Who Rides the Tiger
Bruce, LeoCase for Three Detectives
O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne
Coles, ManningWithout Lawful Authority
Brand, ChristiannaGreen for Danger
Wentworth, PatriciaThe Clock Strikes Twelve
Jepson, SelwynMan Running
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise Affair

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