See You in a Hundred Years

See You in a Hundred YearsLogan Ward

We saw Ward speak at the WI Book Festival and he as was equally as amusing as AJ Jacobs, though a bit more low-key. Having thoroughly burnt out on the hectic lifestyle of New York, Ward and his wife decide to drop out for a year and experiment with living from the land. The caveat being that everything they use/eat/own for a year is pre-1900. Like many folks, Ward and his wife found the idea of moving to the country and living the simple life idyllic. At times Ward does have moments, and even days, of pure bliss and peace. These are interspersed with hours of farm chores, pumping water, starting fires, grinding coffee, baking, nasty goats, domineering horses, frozen diapers and all the other joys of a 1900 farm. This book should be required reading for anyone planning to “retire” from civilization and to “live the good life.” Remember, watch the goats before they headbutt you.